File and Folder Privacy

File and Folder Privacy

Protects the user's files and folders from unauthorized access
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Keep your private files and folders away form prying eyes by hiding and password protecting the specific items, or by safeguarding your entire PC with a password.

File and Folder Privacy is a file/folder protection tool. It allows you to control and restrict access to any file on your system in a variety of ways. To protect files, you have to add them to a list of "protected files". When you do that, the application will ask you how you want to protect them. There are 5 different protection settings. The first one allows you to hide the file from your system so that no one knows it is there. The second method password-protects the file and you have to use the context menu (right-click menu) to unlock it. The third method is very similar to the second, but instead of forcing you to use the context menu, a window asking for the password will pop up. The fourth mode makes your files read-only, which will prevent modifications. The last approach hides the name of the file, but if you know the full path, you can still access it.

File and Folder Privacy works extremely well. I personally like its integration with Windows and the context menu. Adding files to the list of protected files and unlocking them is as easy as clicking the right button.

José Fernández
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  • Shell integration
  • Different protection options
  • Easy to use


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